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Particleboard Flooring

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Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard flooring provides the ideal substrate surface for all types of floor coverings, including vinyl, ceramic tiles, slate, parquet and carpet.

Due to resin enriched surfaces ensuring weather durability, Laminex, Henderson and Carter Holt Harvey particleboard flooring can stay completely exposed during the building process onsite for up to three months and are compliant with Australian / New Zealand Standards 1860.

Tongue and grooved flooring panels have edges fitted with colour-coded PVC tongues to enable fast and easy installation. The tongue slots into the adjoining panels creating a strong and stable floor.  The colour of the tongue differentiates the ultimate purpose and the weight bearing capabilities.

The largest manufacturers of particleboard flooring are listed below.

Carter Holt Harvey
Manufactured using managed and renewable plantation pine utilising forest thinnings and timber sawmill waste, Carter Holt Harvey’s range of flooring include StructaFlor, TermiFlor (termite treated) and R-Flor, the next generation in flooring designed for thermal comfort and energy efficiency. These are available in Yellow (19mm) and Red (22mm) and Blue (25mm) tongue.

R-Flor is manufactured using an ingenious dual-lamination process that applies a blue protective film to the top surface and a reflective foil to the underside of the particleboard flooring. This significantly reduces the radiative heat transfer, and ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions by making better use of energy. The protective film is designed to peel away prior to installation, providing an ideal base for decorative surface finishes such as timber strip flooring with no residual film adhesive and scrap material.

D&R Henderson
D&R Henderson Floorboard are available in Orange Tongue (19mm), Burgundy Tongue (22mm), and Navy Tongue (25mm). Both Orange tongue and Burgundy tongue Floorboard are available as Termite Treated flooring (Hazard Class H2).
The reconstituted wood fibres used to make Trade Essentials® Particleboard are obtained from Australian pine plantations – a sustainable renewable resource. Available in Green Tongue - 19mm for 450mm joists and Beige Tongue - 22mm for 600mm joists; there is also the option of Termite Treated Particleboard Flooring, as well as 25mm Brown Tongue, for commercial applications.


Carter Holt
Carter Holt
Available in 19mm - 450mm joists, 22mm -
600mm joists and 25mm
 yes  yes  yes  yes
Manufactured utilising managed and
renewable plantation pine
 yes  yes  yes  yes
Floorboard meets all the requirements of the
Australian standard AS/NZS 1860
 yes  yes  yes  yes
Termite Treated (Optional)
 yes  yes  yes  yes
Easy installation & maintenance
 yes  yes  yes  yes
Increases overall “Total R-value” of the flooring system
 yes  no  no  no
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by
making better use of energy
 yes  no  no  no



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