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Particleboard offer uniform strength and dimensional stability. Both surfaces are sanded smooth for easy finishing.

Particleboard is also available with a solid timber edge and a melamine sheet coating (whiteboard).

For areas where high levels of humidity are present a moisture resistant version is available (MR).

Particleboard is the most commonly used substrate for applying laminates in benchtop applications, and provides the most economical option for general indoor building requirements.

  • Wardrobes
  • Shelving,
  • Cupboards
  • Wall linings
  • Wall units
  • TV cabinets
  • Toys
Standard Particleboard
Appearance Thickness Length x Width (mm) Applications
Standard Particleboard

Standard grade raw Particleboard is a high density, strongly bonded economical general purpose board made of large wood particles in the core and finer particles on sanded surfaces. It is an ideal substrate for laminating and veneering. Other uses include making furniture and shelving.

12mm 1800 x 450/600/900/1200
2400 x 450/600/900/1200
3600 x 450/600/1200/1800
  • Shelving
  • Furniture
  • Table lamination substrate
  • Storage containers
16mm 1800 x 450/600/900/1200
2400 x 450/600/900/1200
3600 x 450/600/1200
18mm 1800 x 450/600/900/1200
2400 x 600/900/1200
2700 x 450/1200
3600 x 600/1200/1800

Particleboard HMR
Appearance Thickness Length x Width (mm) Applications
Particleboard HMR

MR or Moisture Resistant Particleboard is a type of particleboard with a special water-resistant resin added to the panel to ensure moisture resistance properties. MR Particleboard is specifically produced for use in areas subject to high humidity or occasional wetness.


2400 x 1200

3600 x 600/1200

  • Substrate for laminating kitchen cupboards
  • Bathroom tables
  • Dishwasher bench cavity lining
  • Furniture for tropical areas

2400 x 1200

3600 x 600/1200



3600 x 610

3600 x 900/1200/1800

3600 x 1800

33mm 180° profile
3600 x 604/900

Timber Edged Particleboard
Appearance Thickness Length x Width (mm) Applications
Timber Edged Particleboard

Particleboard edge-lipped with timber edging.

16mm 1800 x 300/450/600
2400 x 300/450/600
3600 x 300/450/600
Shelving for:
  • Laundries
  • Wardrobes
  • Storage units

Please note each state carries different stock so please contact your local Gunnersen Branch for availability


For more information, please download the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 

pdf particleboard_standardmelamine-chh 36.14 Kb

pdf formaldehyde_cabinet_pdf 128.64 Kb






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