A surface with an advantage

From traditional to contemporary, energizing to serene, the quality of Nevamar laminates is visually fresh and remarkably enduring.

Most Nevamar High Pressure Laminates feature the unique Armored Protection technology. This patented technology protects the colour layer of laminate by reducing surface wear caused by common abrasive substances such as sand particles, dirt, dust, paper bags and boxes.

The Armored Protection surface is a thin deposit of microscopic aluminium oxide particles that acts as a protective layer on the laminate surface. Armored Protection laminates are highly resistant to scuff damage.


Green Guard Certification

The Green Guard Environmental Institute is an independent not-for-profit organisation that oversees the Green Guard certification program. Nevamar laminates have been scientifically tested to earn Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certification for low emitting products.


This product has been independently assessed by ecospecifier and is included on their list of environmentally preferable materials and products. In addition, ecospecifier has determined that this product may also contribute to Green Star credit points. Visit www.ecospecifier.org for further information.


Nevamar is committed to managing resources wisely as an environmental and economic imperative. Nevamar’s philosophy is demonstrated in a number of environmental initiatives, such as:

Water Saving

Non contact cooling water is used during the manufacturing process. Nevamar employs a closed loop system to recycle 60-95% of cooling water depending on ambient temperatures.

Sustainable Resources

All decorative papers used in the laminate production process contain a portion of recycled content.


  • Special Armored Protection finish
  • Available in a variety of speciality finishes – Chemarmor, fire retardant, holographic and custom print. (Made to order)
  • The Australian range includes 258 colours
  • Durable, hard-wearing and cleans easily


  • Shopfitting
  • Signage
  • Kitchen and vanity benchtops
  • Exhibition displays
  • Retail countertops
  • Any horizontal application where colour is required










Product Specifications

Minimum postforming radius: 10mm

Fire Rating Test

You can download Nevamar’s fire rating test results by clicking on the PDF below.

Why Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide is harder than common everyday objects to protect laminates against wear caused by sliding across the surface. Yet, it is softer than silicon carbide or diamond commonly used to make cutting tools and blades.



Many marks often perceived as ‘scratches’ are actually scuffs. Armored Protection laminates are highly resistant to scuff damage. A true scratch, however, involves actual removal of material from the laminate surface, and is typically caused by a hard sharp object such as a knife or razor blade. Armored Protection laminate is not more resistant to this type of abuse than conventional laminates. The effect would be the same on both types of laminates. (It is also important to note that on any laminate, medium to dark colours tend to highlight scratches more than lighter colours.)

Beveled Edge

Gunnersen’s popular Nevamar® laminate decorative surface range has a new design feature. The sharp finish of the Nevamar bevel edge design provides the smart and stylish look of stone, without the cost. Benchtops with a bevel edge create a stunningly realistic granite look, with a seamless chisel cut appearance.