Quick Overview

Material: Engineered Structural Fibreboard
Thickness: 4.75 mm
Sizes: 2440 x 900 mm
2440 x 1200 mm
2745 x 900 mm
2745 x 1200 mm
3050 x 900 mm
3050 x 1200 mm
Colours: Green
Application: Structural Bracing
Racking performance: Up to 6kN/m
(see installation for more detail)
Brochure: R6 Brace PDF

R6 Brace – Structural Bracing

R6 Brace is a strong and durable Engineered Structural Bracing product made in Australia for Australian conditions. R6 Brace is manufactured with tightly controlled and measured structural properties, has uniform density, is free of knots and splinters and can be cut, drilled and sawn like regular solid wood.

  • Complies with BCA
  • Tested & certified by EWPAA
  • Performs in ALL weather conditions
  • No cracking and splitting
  • H2 Termite protected
  • FSC®Certified
  • Up to 6kN/m racking performance

Building Code of Australia (BCA) Compliance

All R6 Brace comes with H2 treatment that provides protection against termites Australia wide complying with AS/NZS1604.2 Specification for preservative treatment – Reconstituted woodbased panels. All R6 Brace product is marked with the following for your peace of mind: 622 73 H2

Termite Protection

R6 Brace is engineered to comply with the bracing requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). All R6 Brace is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS1859.2. R6 Brace is made specifically as a structural wall bracing board. It is designed to resist horizontal racking and vertical uplift forces, due to wind or earthquakes, applied to buildings requiring bracing in external and/or internal wall frames. R6 Brace is engineered with highly durable Moisture Resistant resin for enhanced durability and strength.

The BCA specifies an assessment method referred to as a comparison with the deemed to satisfy standard. This allows a comparison to be made between the deemed to satisfy product, which in this case is structural plywood bracing that is specified in AS1684, and the deemed to satisfy replacement product, which in this case is R6 Brace.

As a result of this testing program the racking capacities documented herein ensure R6 Brace installed as described in this brochure will achieve equivalent capacities to comparable plywood systems.

Quick Guide

Stud Centres Nails Nail Spacings
450mm 600mm Top/Bottom Plates Studs
1 3.0kN/m 3.0kN/m 2.8 x 30mm 100mm 100mm
2 4.5kN/m 4.0kN/m 2.8 x 30mm 50mm 100mm
3 6.0kN/m 6.0kN/m* 2.8 x 40mm 40mm 100mm

*requires nailing to nogging


For more information, please download pdf files.