Quick Overview

Material: LPM Board
Thickness: 18mm (Nominal)
Sizes: 2400 x 1200mm (Nominal)
Colours: 36
Application: Doors
Other vertical surfaces
Brochure: Verve PDF

Your Complete Design Solution

The Verve Eco Colours range of decorative LPM board is manufactured using the same papers and designs of the Nevamar high pressure laminates to preserve the design and functional integrity of your project.


Ideal for use as doors, partitions and other vertical surfaces, the Verve Eco Colours range is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

E-Zero (E0)

Verve Eco Colours uses an E0 MDF substrate. E0 is a low formaldehyde emitting product which has a formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5mg/L, which is lower than the current Australian standard LPM board.


The standard finish is velvet.
For details on price and availability contact your nearest Gunnersen branch.


Care and Cleaning

To clean Verve simply wipe with a damp cloth using a solution of mild liquid detergent in warm water. Follow with a clean cloth to ensure detergent and moisture residue is removed.


Verve eco colours is covered by a seven year warranty subject to all necessary guidelines; to view please click of the following link verve-warranty-1.0 2010


Verve Eco Colours environmental credentials

  • Verve LPM panels may contribute to the materials and sustainable credits in the Green Building Councils of Australia Green Star tools for FSC certified products.
  • Verve is manufactured using Alpine E0 MDF sourced from sustainable plantations.
  • Verve contains low VOC’s, contributing to better indoor air quality.
  • Low formaldehyde levels – below 0.5mg/L.
Verve Eco Colours has been independently assessed by ecospecifier and included on their list of environmentally preferable materials and products. In addition, ecospecifier has determined that this product may contribute to Green Star credit points.
Visit www.ecospecifier.com.au for further information. Ecospecifier Certificate







Sheet Size: 2400 x 1200mm (nominal)
Thickness: 18mm (nominal)
Edging: 1mm ABS glued and un-glued
Usage: Interior only

Substrate E0 MR MDF Units 16mm
Thickness Tolerance mm +/- 0.2
Density Kg/m3 740
Internal Bond N/mm2 0.800
Modulus of Rupture N/mm2 35
Modulus of Elasticity N/mm2 3000
Screw Holding, Face N >500
Screw Holding, Edge N >500
 Thickness Swell (24hr) % <5

Verve should not be exposed to water or high humidity situations such as saunas and shower
cabinets. Other substrates available on request.
*Source Alpine MDF data sheets.